Current situation causes many to struggle with balancing professional, family, health and spiritual commitments. The constantly changing environment and demands on time in addition to general management requirements, the person at work can become detached and alienated from his/her internal ‘fitrah’ – all that embodies being human.


There has been a paradigmatic organizational shift recently that the need for the person at work to feel a sense of wholesomeness, connectedness at work and deeper values. This inner GPS (growth purpose sensing) can point out the road to personal and professional alignment and in turn influences interpersonal interactions and organization conditions.
  • Enhancing Self-awareness , one’s impact on others through a continuous process of identifying , clarifying unity of purpose
  • Facilitating group-based dynamics to harness the strengths of the Group within the context of organization and its realities
  • Identifying issues to be addressed and opportunities to optimize – action planning for change and adaptation at an individual, group and organizational level

Basic Inner GPS Requisites :

  • Intention and Commitment
  • Involvement – ‘Tell me, I forget, Show me , I remember, Involve me, I understand’
  • Goal setting, Opportunities Identification, Adaptations and Learning
  • Continuous Efforts & Stock Taking

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