Principal : Wan Ainun Zarina Wan Ahmad Radzi

Ainun is the Director and Principal Consultant of Ainsight Resources Plt – an Organization Development (OD) company that offers customized OD interventions for organizations and institutions with a tagline of ‘Insight Inside’.

An organizational psychologist and a specialist in Applied Behavioural Sciences with many interests, Ainun is especially intrigued by human dynamics within organizations. Ainun has more than 18 years of consulting experience in designing and delivering OD interventions, training and development as well as Executive Coaching and Counseling for local and multinational companies. She has consulted with organizations in various industries spanning from Utilities, FMCG, Financial Institutions, Automotive, Plantations, Engineering, Hospitality amongst others in countries spanning from Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar and Africa. Ainun also lectures part-time in several universities in the areas of Organizational Behaviour and Strategic Management to fulfill her passion in education.

Ainun holds an integrative Masters of Arts combining the fields of Psychology, Human Resources and Media from University of Glamorgan, UK and a BSc. (Hons) in Psychology from Nottingham University, UK.


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